MODEL #5000


Frame and mullions to be roll formed lockseam tubular minimum .033 (22 guage) hot dipped galvanneal steel, b45/60 tamper, smooth finish. Frame to be .937 x .875 with .563 retainer leg and ¼” lockseam. Stainless steel wire cloth shall be type 304 woven 12 x 12 spaces per inch from .028 diam. Wire with a minimum strength of 800 lbs. perlinear inch. Manufacturer to provide certified test results from an independent laboratory tested against astm a370 – 97a using maximum 1” x 12” strips. Wire to contain a minimum of 18.00 to 20.00 percent chromium and 8.00 to 12.00 percent nickel with a maximum of 0.03 percent carbon.

• hinges to be stainless steel butt type hinge
• extruded aluminun “z” bar with weather stripping attached
• kick panel(s) to be minimum 18 guage
• kick panels to be embossed for rigidity
• corner gussets to be a minimum 16 guage
• adjustable sweep aluminum body with vinyl sweep
• wire mesh retainers to be minimum 18 guage 90 degree shaped ½” x 5/8” galvanized steel.


• door frame to have a minimum 16ga.reinforcing corner gussets and to be welded at all four corners finishing.
• mullions to be welded on to main frame. all welds to be ground smooth flush with frame.
• screen mesh to be held in place with a minimum 18 guage 90 degree shaped steel angle to provide a tight fit. flat strip retainers are
not acceptable retainers to be held in place with tamper resistant robertson #8 x 5/8” screws 3 1/2” center and penetrate retainer and
wire mesh. wire mesh to be notched at four corners and formed at 90 degree angle to provide a minimum of 1/2” return on all four sides.
• embossed 18ga.kick panelto be formed with ½”return at two ends 18ga.retainer angles to be used at jambs held in place with screws
min.3 1/2” on centers.
• “ z ” bar with nylon pile type weather stripping to be attached to door with a minimum (4) stainless steel hinges

 Download Specs: PDF | Sill Detail DWG | Head Detail DWG Double Wing Detail DWG 

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